Cornerstones of Trust 2015
The World Ahead: Ending The Insanity In Information Security


Insanity is often defined as repeatedly doing the same while expecting different results.  Year after year our cyber security success has been inadequate yet we keep doing the same things over and over.  The breaches are getting worse by the day.  Cornerstones of Trust 2015 will bring security visionaries, operational experts, and seasoned professionals together so they can share ideas on how to build trustworthy and predictable security solutions that address the problems of today and the issues we see on the horizon.



Conference Date:
June 16th, 2015

Crowne Plaza Foster City
1221 Chess Dr
San Mateo, CA, 94404

There will be keynote speakers in morning and the afternoon.  The morning speaker will be followed by a panel of speakers focused on the topic of What the future brings€ for information security.  In terms of speaking tracks, there are four speaking tracks consisting of three 55 minute sessions per track.

Morning Keynote Speaker:
David Jevans, CEO, Founder, and Chairman, Marble Security; Chairman of the Anti-Phishing Working Group

Abstract: Anonymous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are quickly gaining popularity as an electronic, decentralized payment or banking system that hides the identities of its users. There are many legitimate uses for cryptocurrencies, which are easy to trade online and offer nearly as much privacy as cash does in the physical world, but they are also used to buy drugs or other illegal items or services, for tax evasion, illegal gambling, extortion payments, and so forth. This talk will summarize the history and current state of anonymous cryptocurrency, and what the future might bring. What are the technical, policy, and legal challenges that must be addressed? What are the opportunities for new legitimate markets enabled by electronic currencies that provide cash-like benefits for online transactions? How can we ensure protection for law-abiding consumers and corporations and at the same time stop criminal and fraudulent activity?

Evening Keynote Speaker:
Daniel Chavez CEO of San Diego Health Connect (HIE)

Cornerstones of Trust 2015 Track Titles:

Technology Track:
Some say that technology is the great equalizer, although these days it seems the black hats are getting the upper hand. We must harness innovative technology if we are able to "stop the insanity".  Join your peers for innovative conversations on how we can leverage technology to slow the tide and turn the tables.

People track:
This track will address the human element, including enabling the business, building a security culture, strengthening the security team, education and awareness, and achieving career success.

Process Track:
Security insanity can't be fixed with a purchase. In this track we will explore how organizations can embrace processes that strengthen their security posture and remove the insanity.

Future Track:
What futures are coming to end the insanity?  Is that smoke on the horizon the savior or is it a new threat?  This track will feature future innovations in technologies and processes that will either assist us or be our next nightmare.